12 FACTS every WOMAN should KNOW
December 12, 2015

Hello ladies,

Just to clarify…


1- Yeah, everyone has rolls when they bend over! Relax


2- When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, BELIEVE IT. They aren’t lying!


3- Sometimes we all wake up with a chip on our shoulder. Drink some coffee, put on some gangster rap music, and get sh!t done. (or water with lemons/whatever type of music you want– just don’t forget the “get sh!t done” part)


4- For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.


5- You can always have MORE CONFIDENCE. If you saw yourself the way others do, you totally would too… You got this! BE UNSTOPPABLE.


6- Ladies! Pleeeease don’t look for a man to save you or take care of you. You should be able to take care of yourself. LOVE yourself first and always.


7- Yessss ladies… It’s totally OK not to LOVE every single part of your mind, body, & spirit, although you REALLY SHOULD. Focus on your favorites. It’s OK not to be OK all the damn time too. Geesh!


8- We all know that one woman that seams to have it all together, right? Well hello?! That lady BOSS with the seamingly “perfect” life could be YOU. You might actually BE this woman to someone else. Own it. Pleeease don’t be a hater! SHINE ON.


9- You should be a priority. Not an option, last resort, or a backup plan.


10- You’re a WOMAN! You’re a super hero in your own skin. Give yourself some damn credit because THAT alone makes you absolutely remarkable!


11- As a human, you have a responsibility to look out for other people, especially other women! Leaders develop leaders. Stand up and lead the way for future generations to come. For your daughters, nieces, other girls. No one is YOU and THAT my friend, is your power. You have influence whether you know it or not.


12- Practice Gratitude DAILY. It can change your life.


Thank YOU for taking the time to read this post… Just a few reminders. Smile.


Stay Encouraged, Shannon 

Shannon Stapleton

Shannon Stapleton

With a background in marketing and design from DCTC, Shannon considers herself a lifelong learner. She makes investing in herself a priority and prides herself in helping others do the same. She thrives from surrounding herself with good people, good energy, doing good work, and giving back in the community.