Make the most of your time… Delegate those marketing tasks!
July 2, 2019

Want more time?


Time is everything. There usually aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that we want. Balancing work life and our personal lives is the topic of everyone’s conversations lately. Have you ever looked around and thought how the heck does he or she do it all? One secret to getting ahead is learning how to delegate and make the most of your time. Understand the importance of time management. Building a team around you that can carry out those daunting tasks that have forever been on your to-do list is easier than ever nowadays.


Be smarter about growing your business.


Business models are changing. You can hire freelancers to do the stuff that you don’t want to spend your energy on for much less than you’d expect. Explore working with Shannon today!


Add a creative marketing expert to your team!


Get more done when we partner up! Receive an evaluation of your current marketing strategy and then prioritize what still needs to get done, identify new opportunities for business growth, and explore other perspectives together.


Stop trying to do it all on your own.


I’ve helped hundreds of businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs leverage the power of social media and digital marketing to improve their online presence, increase brand awareness, and ultimately grow sales. Here are just a few projects that I can take off your plate before the summer ends:


Website Design and Development.


Need a website? Or need to update an existing website? I’ve got you covered.


Social Media Marketing.


Back in the day we had to get media coverage in order to reach the masses. Nowadays social media and the internet provide a powerful way to reach large audiences. Don’t miss out simply because you don’t understand how it could work for you.


Email Marketing.


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your audience. If you don’t have an email marketing expert on your team, it may be time to partner with me. I know just what it takes to help you grow your email list and provide quality content that engages and converts your target audience.


Lead Generation.


Every business needs leads to survive. What’s your lead generation strategy?


Content Creation.


I’ll write your website copy and the content for your blogs.


I’ll finish up those marketing projects on your To-Do list before the summer ends. I can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s talk soon!



The month to month support that I offer can be as simple and inexpensive as updating social media channels daily to more complex complete digital marketing implementation including blogging, email marketing, analytics analysis and more. All recommendations are tailored to your specific needs and can include multiple brands. Give me a call at 952-652-7070 when you’re ready to explore working together. What are you waiting for?

Shannon Stapleton

Shannon Stapleton

With a background in marketing and design from DCTC, Shannon considers herself a lifelong learner. She makes investing in herself a priority and prides herself in helping others do the same. She thrives from surrounding herself with good people, good energy, doing good work, and giving back in the community.