Why I Love Social Media!
August 30, 2018

The term “social media” has become such a household name over the last few years. Depending on your age, occupation, geographic location, and a few other factors, you may love or hate social media. If you’re a millennial from North America, chances are you love it. If you’re an influencer or you own your business and have learned how to leverage the power of social media, chances are you love it too!


Social media simply allows all of us to better stay connected. It’s also a great way to find stuff to do. Social media has become a part of my life. My relationships are no longer bound by geography. I’m able to interact and keep up with friends, family, colleagues, and clients from all over the world. I love seeing my friends posting back to school pictures of their kids, announcements about new businesses, new babies, new relationships, and all of the sweet stuff in life. I love to see people supporting each other in times of need.


If you have a business and you’re juggling deciding whether or not you or your business should be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social platform, here are a few of my favorite reasons why I love social media and why you should too:


Take your business to the next level using the power of the internet and social media.


Share your opinions


We live in a free country that allows us to share our own opinions and thoughts how we choose within reason. Doing so without the Internet only leads you so far. Do you want to change the minds of others and influence people across the globe? Good luck doing that from your driveway or at your local supermarket. Unless you go where the masses are, you’re going to have a hard time. It just so happens that the masses are on the Internet.


Control your image


The internet can be your best friend. Use it to tell your story and inspire others. Many businesses have turned to the Internet to tell their company stories and reach the world using social media. You can build your brand reputation very quickly using social media the right way. Talk to any marketing or branding expert and they’ll tell you about the importance of your online presence and professional image– for jobs, and especially for business opportunities!


Make connections


Most professionals nowadays already have a general understanding of the important growing your network is. Business owners shouldn’t dismiss leveraging social media as a way to expand. Expand the brand — isn’t that what every business wants to do? Whether you own an international, national, or local company, social media allows you to reach your target market without even leaving the comfort of your own office. You no longer need to worry about newspaper or radio advertising taking up too much of your annual marketing budget. Begin with a social media marketing campaign and reach your target market no matter where they’re located, with ease.


Gain Knowledge


Since social media connects you to the world, you’re now able to learn something from just about anyone and everyone. Want to know more about personal development? Follow the world leaders in that industry. Interested in sports? Target media members and athletes of interest. The beautiful part of all of this is that the people who you want to learn from may also share unrelated content, providing you with further knowledge on various topics. Social media allows you to stay on top of things that would normally require an extraordinary amount of time to find without it. Things like news, events, trending topics, culture, changes in my industry, and information that helps me make better decisions for my business, and yours.




Social media allows me to interact with people from all over the world from anywhere at any time. I’m not bound by ‘office hours’ or daylight. I can automate my social media marketing if I want to as well. As long as I can get online, I can use social media.


Get your content shared


There is no forum that allows us to get our content out to the world faster. If you’re trying to build credibility and authority, social media can make you a superstar faster than you’ve ever dreamed of.




There is literally never a dull moment on social media. Every time you sign on, it’s something different when you scroll. I love the fast pace.


Up-to-the-minute information


Social media allows you to stay on top of trends related to your industry at your fingertips. You can make up-to-the-minute decisions based on the information that is constantly rolling in. If you’re not a business owner and just want to know what is happening around the world, nowhere will you find more up-to-the-minute news and information than social media. Waiting for the six o’clock news is no longer a requirement. Many consider social media to be a waste of time. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you are interested in social media for leisure or work, it has something to offer for everyone.


Get a grip on your social presence


Sure, social media seems to be all about technology. However, I believe that under all of the gadgets and gizmos, it’s really about connecting people and giving them a voice.


Social media gives people the ability to praise or punish brands within just a few minutes. Social media is kinda like word-of-mouth on steroids. It is not going away, so brands and companies need to learn how to adapt… and quickly.


Need help with your social strategy?


Social media inspires creativity on an entirely different level. My favorite part of social media isn’t what it is necessarily, but what it’s becoming. Social media is starting to become an industry known to better creatively promote companies. It gives the little guys a chance to get ahead. Social media could easily be the best form of advertisement that the world has ever seen.


In today’s culture, social media is constantly hated on, but it’s changing the world around us. It is one of the most authentic things when we use it correctly, and unquestionably the defining feature of our generation.


Today I have a very large network of close and semi-close contacts that I can reach out to at a moments notice. Chances are, you do too! 10 years ago, I did not have anything remotely close to this type of network. It’s never been easier staying connected with social media nowadays!  Why do you love social media? I’d love to hear from you!

Shannon Stapleton

Shannon Stapleton

With a background in marketing and design from DCTC, Shannon considers herself a lifelong learner. She makes investing in herself a priority and prides herself in helping others do the same. She thrives from surrounding herself with good people, good energy, doing good work, and giving back in the community.